For the Innocents

We who are ordinary people want to apologize to you, your families and friends for the gross sense of scandal, hurt, pain, suffering, confusion, loneliness, and unwarranted guilt you may have been forced to carry as a result of sexual or other abuse by clergy, religious teachers or workers.

We are deeply scandalized and offended by what has been done to you and your families, be it by individuals or organizational structures. We recognize that in the process your beliefs and faith may have been shattered. Too often, legal and procedural actions take over and the pain, confusion and needs of the individual drift into the background and can be lost sight of.

It is true that any apology we offer is in another category to that which might be offered by those who have committed the offences. But it is offered in the hope that it will be but one part of the healing you need and are entitled to. We desire that our apology be experienced as serious and heart felt.

We want this apology and healing to flow to all those who have been affected including family, friends and colleagues who have come to know what has happened. It is an unjust burden you have been forced to bear. For this we say sorry.

We invite those who would share this vision of saying sorry to and supporting “The Innocents” to join us. We meet 3rd Tue of the month in the city (except in December).

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