Healing Strategy

Posted by admin on August 16, 2018

Developing a Restorative Healing Strategy for the Catholic Dioceses of Australia


Pentecost 2018

This strategy is offered to the Australian church particularly its dioceses and religious orders as a way of proceeding into the future. We have also forwarded it to the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors at the Vatican.

The strategy outlines four objectives:

(a) to bring about dialogue and trust in the spirit of Christian reconciliation between the Australian diocesan and eparchy leadership and the various advocacy and support groups in ensuring a whole-of-community approach in the rebuilding of the Australian Catholic community.

(b) to re-imagine completely a multifaceted response, perhaps outside the umbrella of the Church, built around a Gospel theme and addressing the ongoing needs of survivors.

(c) to work with religious personnel in implementing a restorative approach and a child protection strategy right across the Church in all its institutions.

(d) to implement all the 21 recommendations of the Royal Commission that apply directly to the Catholic Church.

We hope that this will be the seed for groups both in diocesan centres and parishes as they give much thought to implementing the twenty-two recommendations in this document which are related to those of the Royal Commission.

Our approach to healing has matured since we began to meet as a group in 2011. This work is focused on the healing of victims of church sex abuse, their families and whistle blowers. Our sole aim is to continue the healing of those who have been so damaged as children, who as we all acknowledge, Jesus welcomed as the first in his kingdom.